To support users of xinco DMS™ in critical business environments, maintains a network of so-called Authorized Solution Partners (ASP) to have someone near you, whenever you need assistance.

Authorized Solution Partners are experienced in Information Management for various branches and industrial sectors, offer commercial support for xinco DMS™, but might as well have products in their portfolio, that are more specific to your business' needs.

In addition you can join our Affiliate Network at ShareIT and receive commission for sales of our commercial software distributions.

- North, Central, South America -
Javier Ortiz
  • Addon Product: xinco DMS™ Validation Package for Regulated Environments
  • Consulting & Training with the Core Developer Javier Ortiz
  • Customer-Specific Implementation
  • Validation for Regulated Environments

- Germany -
EVO Informationssysteme GmbH
  • xinco DMS™
  • CAMback: DNC/PDM/DMS for the manufacturing industry
  • EVOcompetition: ERP/PPS
  • easyCAQ: Quality Assurance
  • xinco DMS™ Support
  • xinco DMS™ Integration Modules with Office Solutions
  • Open Source ERP and Office Solutions

- United Kingdom -
Interition Ltd.
  • Evaluation, Implementation of Open Source Software Solutions
  • xinco DMS™ Customization, Integration and Support

- Asia -
  • xinco DMS™ Customization and Integration
  • xinco DMS™ deployment in Cloud Platforms like jelastic, Amazon EC2 etc. or in private clouds...

- Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia, ... -
No Authorized Solution Partners listed for these regions, yet!
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