xinco DMS™ consists of the xinco DMS™ Server which includes a web-based client interface.
xinco DMS™ Server
  • Download xinco DMS™ Server as a Zip file from:
  • Unzip the package and follow the install instructions...
xinco DMS™ User & Admin Guide
  • Definitions, usage and solutions to common problems
  • Administration and security
  • Customization and creation of extensions
Donations Quite a lot of time and money is spent for developing xinco DMS™ and keeping servers for website and demo system up and running.

xinco DMS™ is free software, all documentation is free and the development team spends a tremendous amount of time answering questions on the forum and in private mails. If you find xinco DMS™ an alternative to a commercial DMS you had to spend money on, feel free to donate some of that money you have saved to the project!

Thank You very much for supporting our effort of providing a commercial-quality Document and Information Management System!

Supporting the blueCubs vision ( of giving back to the community in exchange for free software, we also appreciate donations to a charity of your choice! Donation

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